Battles of the Necromancers

Book I
The Valley of Dreams

Story by
Roy C. Sigsbey

Wynora, about to become a teen, sees the necromancer damage her brother. She feels like it was her fault, she should have been doing a better job guarding her brother. So she set herself on a quest to make things right.

This is the first tale (complete in itself) in a planned series on necromancers and the conflicts that will torment them if they want to pursue such activities.

After reading so many fantasy novels, I couldn't help but want to create my own world. It's been wonderful and amazing how it took on a life of it's own, the visions and conversations seeming to flow into the written realm as if it truly existed somewhere and sometime.

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Drawing of The Valley of Dreams and key locations

Click on thumbnail below for a rendering of the valley in 3D
(Rendered using Vue 5 Esprit)

This image of the Orion Nebula below (taken with the Hubble Telescope)
has been an inspiration for me, in that the likenesses of two of
my characters can been seen in this image. Aevald in the left center
and Krichna just below center. Can you see them?

The proposed soundtrack music is available on CD,
or you can download individual selections below
(the CD is better quality).

Call or email me if you want a copy of the CD.

CD Track Titles and MP3 Downloads

These are full tracks, not samples

Recorded using a Casio CT-670, Amiga Commodore 2000 running
Dr. T's KCS Level II, Alesis QuadraVerb, and a Sony DAT.
The guitar (Gibson Les Paul Custom through a Zoom 9002) was
played live as the recording was made.
Mix was through an Alesis 16 channel mixer.

All tracks copyright 1992-2004, Roy C. "Rosby" Sigsbey

Track Song Title MP3 Size
1 Dawn 1.1 meg
2 Battles of the Necromancers 1.3 meg
3 Pipe Organ E Minor 1.6 meg
4 Sunny Serenade 1.2 meg
5 Little Tykes 1.7 meg
6 Dreaming of You 1.5 meg
7 Fairies Dance 1.1 meg
8 Cosmonaut 1.2 meg
9 Tough Customer 1.5 meg
10 Sonya 1.2 meg
11 Children 1.4 meg
12 Gentle Lady 3.4 meg
13 Gold Miner 1.2 meg
14 Witches Brew 4.0 meg
15 Organ Solo 1 1.4 meg
16 Courting Disaster 3.3 meg
17 Beginnings 2.0 meg
18 Wizards Stomp 1.0 meg
19 Fire for You 0.8 meg
20 Moonlit Evening 1.0 meg
21 Wizards Den 1.1 meg
22 Without a Clue 1.5 meg

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Roy C. Sigsbey

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